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Welcome to Deep-Sky Watch website. This site is dedicated to observational astronomy. It features a variety of observing resources such as printable star atlases and observing guide for DSO observers, articles, calculator for eyepieces, gallery of my astronomical sketches and astro-photography. Also you can find here some materials specific for Israeli amateur astronomers: List of observing sites, light pollution maps and others (in Hebrew).

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This website and all its content is a copyright of Michael Vlasov © 2017. All rights reserved.

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However you may not reproduce or publish complete copies of articles, guides, documents or numerous collections of works (i.e. multiple gallery entries or a whole sky atlas document). An exception is use of these works in non public media - for example a presentation which is used for a specific lecture or a pamphlet issued by an astronomy club. Also you may not reproduce or publish any images or material from the "articles" section without explicit permission.

In any case do not hesitate to contact me.

About the Author

Vlasov Michael
Me during an observing session

My name is Michael Vlasov, I'm 34 years old and reside in Israel (Kibbutz Cabri). I'm an electro-optical engineer and an amateur astronomer since 2003. My main interests in astronomy are visual observing, drawing the deep sky objects and planetary astro-photography. My daytime interests include sea kayaking and cycling.

Instruments I use currently: Skywatcher 10" Newtonian reflector on NEQ6 mount, Stellarvue 80mm ED refractor (mainly for solar/lunar photography), Canon EOS 500D DSLR, DFK21AU618 and ASI120MM cameras. My previous telescope was Orion skyview pro 8" Newtonian which I used to make the earlier entries for this site.

You may contact me by Email.