Printable Deep Sky Atlases

Free, printable sky maps in PDF format, designed for a practical field use by deep sky observers. "Deep Sky Hunter" is a large, comprehensive atlas (A3, 110 maps) and the earlier release "TheSky" is an older, lighter version (A4, 80 maps).

"Deep Sky Hunter" Star Atlas (2nd release):

dee-sky hunter star atlas for printing
A New, comprehensive deep sky atlas, designed for serious deep sky observers. It features: DSO down to magnitude 14, stars down to 10.2, 101 charts (entire sky), 21 "zoom" maps, indications of 500 best objects, dark & bright nebulae, common names, detailed objects list. Note: This atlas is designed for A3 pages. Consider "TheSky" atlas if you prefer A4.
Update: A 2nd revision was released with fixes, optimizations and a "field" W/B edition.

"TheSky" Star Atlas (1st release):
deep sky thesky atlas for printing

First, "lighter" release of my printable star atlas. It features DSO down to magnitude 12.5, stars down to 9.5, 80 pages (limited to DEC -58°), common names, only bright nebulae outlines, best double stars, shaded milky way. Designed for A4 pages.