Panoramic Sketch of the Coma Cluster (Abell 1656)

coma galaxy cluster sketch - abell 1656
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Location and conditions: Negev desert, Israel, 6.7-6.9 NELM.
Date: 04-05/04/2013 , 02:00
Instrument: Skywatcher 250mm F/5 Newtonian, 13mm Vixen LVW and 6.7mm ES82.
Drawing details: Graphite pencil sketch on a white paper, made while observing with telescope under a red light. Scanned, inverted and processed in Photoshop. North is up.
Observer: Michael Vlasov.

Galaxy cluster details: Abell 1656 - "Coma Cluster", Coma Berenices, distance 330 Mly, number of members >1000, brightest members are NGC 4874 and NGC 4889.

Objects in field of view:
NGC 4874: elliptical galaxy, 11.8m
NGC 4889: elliptical galaxy, 11.4m
NGC 4886: elliptical galaxy, 13.9m
NGC 4908: elliptical galaxy, 13.2m
NGC 4907: spiral galaxy, 13.6m
NGC 4895: spiral galaxt, 13.2m
NGC 4881: elliptical galaxy, 13.6m
NGC 4865: elliptical galaxy, 13.7m
NGC 4841-1: elliptical galaxy, 12.8m (?)
NGC 4841-2: E-pec galaxy, 12.6m (?)
NGC 4848: spiral galaxy, 13.7m
NGC 4898: elliptical galaxy, 13.6m
NGC 4864: elliptical galaxy, 13.5m
NGC 4869: elliptical galaxy, 13.3m
NGC 4860: elliptical galaxy, 13.4m

coma cluster - annotated drawing

This drawing was made while observing the Coma Cluster region under excellent sky conditions in Negev desert (Israel), while 13.5th to 13.8th magnitude galaxies (in zenith) could be easily picked by my 250mm Newtonian. The sketch is panoramic, and doesn't represent a specific eyepiece field of view.

Original drawing:
coma cluster - drawin