Coma Galaxy Cluster (Abell 1656) - Sketch

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Coma cluster sketch - abell 1656

Location and conditions: Borot Lutz, Negev desert, Israel, ~6.9 NELM.
Date: 21-22/04/2012 , 00:00
Instrument: Skywatcher BKP250 10" F/5 Newtonian, 18mm ES-82° eyepiece.
Drawing details: Graphite pencil sketch on a white paper, made while observing with telescope under a red light. Scanned, inverted and processed in Photoshop. 
Observer: Michael Vlasov.

Galaxy cluster details: Abell 1656 - "Coma Cluster", Coma Berenices, distance 330 Mly, number of members >1000, brightest members are NGC 4874 and NGC 4889.

Objects in field of view:
NGC 4874: elliptical galaxy, 11.8m
NGC 4889: elliptical galaxy, 11.4m
NGC 4921: spiral galaxy, 12.6m
NGC 4911: elliptical galaxy, 12.8m
NGC 4898: elliptical galaxy, 13.6m
NGC 4864: elliptical galaxy, 13.5m
NGC 4869: elliptical galaxy, 13.3m
NGC 4860: elliptical galaxy, 13.4m
NGC 4908: elliptical galaxy, 13.2m
coma cluster - annotated drawing

The Coma Cluster is a large, distant galaxy cluster in Coma Berenices. It has over 1000 members, though only few of them are visible to a moderate amateur telescope.
NGC 4874 and NGC 4889, which are the brightest members, were easily spotted in my eyepiece. Another notable galaxy is NGC 4921 - which is a face on spiral. It appeared as a faint, round and rather uniform disk with a small core.
Rest of the galaxies with magnitudes over 13m, which are scattered around the brighter ones, were quite difficult to detect with my telescope. They appeared as tiny, fuzzy, round spots, visible with averted vision. A larger aperture would be highly desireable to detect a fair amount of Coma's members.

Original drawing:
coma cluster - drawin