Messier 31, 32, 110 (Andromeda Galaxy) - Sketch

andromeda galaxy sketch - m31, m32, m110

Location and conditions: Negev desert, Israel, ~6.7 NELM.
Date: 02-03/12/2010 , 00:00
Instrument: Orion SVP 8" F/5 Newtonian, Sirius plossl 25mm, 40X, 1.25° TFOV.
Drawing details: Graphite pencil sketch on a white paper, made while observing with a telescope under a red light. Sketch is North oriented. Scanned, inverted and processed in Photoshop. Observer: Michael Vlasov.

Galaxy in the middle: "Andromeda Galaxy", Messier 31. Spiral galaxy.
size: 3°.  magnitude: 3.4m.  constellation: Andromeda. distance: 2.9 Mly.  

Galaxy at bottom: Messier 32, dwarf galaxy, satellite of M 31.
magnitude: 8m. distance 2.9 Mly.

Galaxy at top: Messier 110, dward galaxy, satellite of M 31.
magnitude: 9m. distance 2.9 Mly.

Original drawing:

m31, m32, m33 - andromeda galaxy drawing