"Desert Star-Party" Timelapse Video - may 2014

The Video of a Desert Starparty

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desert star part - may 2014 - timelapse animation

A Bright Meteor over the Milky Way

bright fireball over starparty in israel

An Unusually Blue Meteor

blue meteor over negev desert

Animation of a Faint Meteor Trail Afterglow:

atmospheric trail animation of a meteor


7 hours (~1000 frames) timelapse movie of a ~100 people starparty (by Israeli astronomical association), rise of summer milky way and numerous meteors. Taken in Negev desert (near Borot Lutz), Israel, 2-3 may 2014. Camera: Canon 500D with magic lantern firmware and external power source, Tokina 11-16mm lens (@12mm, F/2.8), series of 25 sec exposures, ISO1600.

Download a high quality 720p AVI file (~87MB)