Moon: Montes Harbinger, Gassendi Crater - apr 2012

Montes Harbinger cast shadows:

Moon: montes harbinger shadows

Region of Montes Harbinger, Euler crater, Delisle crater:

moon - montes hardinger region

Gassendi Crater:

gassendi crater on moon


Fragments of the Moon taken at 02 april 2012, ~22:30 (UTC+3), Rehovot city, Israel. Seeing 6/10. Telescope: Skywatcher BKP250 250mm newtonian on NEQ6 mount. Camera: Canon EOS 500D DSLR, in prime focus, with Televue 5X powermate (working at 6.5X). Aquisition by EOS movie rec software. Processing: Matlab, Registax and Photoshop. Stack of ~1000 out of 2500 frames.