Sunspots with 500D DSLR, DFK21 & ASI120MM

Sunspots 2004 and 2011:

sunspots 2004, 2011 (22 mar 2014)

Full Disc

(click on the image for full resolution, 1600x1600)
sun full disc - 22/3/2014

Close-up of a Sunspot Group 2010

sunspot 2013 zoom (22/3/2014)


Numerous sunspots on Sun, taken with different cameras. Photo taken from Nesher (Haifa) city in Israel, 22 apr 2014, 22:00 (UT+3). Telescope: Stellarvue ED80 refractor, white light solar filter (baader film), 2.5x Powermate. Cameras: 1st image - ASI120MM, 2nd image: Canon EOS 500D, 3rd image: DK21AU618.