Mars with a DSLR - 02 apr 2012

mars 02/04/2012 canon 500d DSLR - opposition

Mars, during 2012 april opposition. Planet size: 12 arcseconds. Note the dark dust storm (brown) mixed with clouds (whie) at bottom-left. Taken in Rehovot city, Israel. 02/04/2012 , ~21:00 (UTC+3), Seeing 6/10. Telescope: Skywatcher BKP250 250mm newtonian (F/30, F=7700mm), NEQ6 mount. Camera: Canon EOS 500D DSLR, in prime focus, with Televue 5X powermate. Stack of 3500/6000 frames, out of 5 minute movie recorded by EOS movie rec (ISO 1600).