Jupiter & Io Timelapse Video (DSLR) - 22 oct 2011

The Video:
jupiter - io transit animation

Jupiter io transit video 22/10/2011


Two hours hour timelapse video of Jupiter, Io transit and Callisto. This 2 hour animation was aquired at october 22/10/2011, between 21:47 and 23:43 (UTC +2). Location: Rehovot city, Israel. Seeing 4..7 out of 10. Jupiter's altitude 55 degrees. Telescope: Orion Skyview pro 200mm F/5 Newtonian. Camera: Canon EOS 500d DSLR, with televue 2.5x powermate and GSO 2X barlows. Camera settings: ISO1600, daylight white balance, exposures 1/40. Videos for animation aquired by EOS movrec software. Processing: Matlab, Registax 5, Registax6, Photoshop. Animation is composed of 37 two-minute videos (2800/3600 frames each). click on this link and "save as" if the above animation does not load or download the video in high quality (32MB AVI file).

An alternative version at Youtube: