Jupiter, Io & Ganymede (DSLR) - 13 oct 2011

Image of Jupiter, Io (left) and Ganymede (right) taken at 13-14 october 2011, ~23:30 (UTC+2). Location: Rehovot city, Israel. Seeing is good. Jupiter's altitude 65 degrees. Telescope: Orion Skyview pro 200mm F/5 Newtonian. Camera: Canon EOS 500d DSLR, with televue 2.5x powermate, in prime focus. Camera settings: ISO800, exposures 1/100. Videos aquired by EOS movie rec software. Processing: Matlab, Registax and Photoshop. Stack of ~1000 out of 2500 frames.

Jupiter 13 oct 2011

This is another shot made half hour later with an addition of 2X barlow to the powermate: