Perseus Double Cluster (NGC 884, 869) - Sketch

sketch of double cluster in perseus - ngc 884, ngc869

object details: Double cluster in Perseus: NGC 884 (left), NGC 869 (right)
size: 60' ;  magnitude: 4.3m ;  distance: 7kly ;  constellation: Perseus

Location and conditions: Judaean desert, Israel, ~6.1m sky
Time and date: 21-22/09/2012 , 01:00
Instrument: Skywatcher BKP250 10" F/5 Newtonian, NEQ6 mount, 18mm Explore Scientific ES82 eyepiece, Paracorr type1, Power 77X, Field of view 1.07°
Drawing details: Graphite pencil sketch on a white paper, made while observing with a telescope under red light. Sketch is north oriented. Scanned, inverted and processed in Photoshop. Observer: Michael Vlasov


Double cluster in perseus is one of the most spectacular objects in the sky - easily visible with a naked eye even under moderate conditions (at it's combined magnitude of 4.3m). This is an excellent targer both for binoculars and a telescope. The clusters NGC 869 and NNGC 884 feature dozens of bright, densly packed stars. Also several prominent yellowish stars are scattered around the field of view.

Original drawing:

pencil drawiong of double cluster in perseus