Messier 3 (Globular Cluster) - Sketch

messier 3 globular cluster drawing

object details: Messier 3 - globular cluster.
magnitude: 6.2m,  distance: 34Kly, diameter: 18 arcmin, constellation: CVn.
Location and conditions: Negev desert (Borot Lutz), Israel, ~6.6 NELM.
Time and date: 29/03/2014 , 04:30 (UT+3).
Instrument: 250mm F/5 Newtonian, 13mm Vixen LVW (92X).
Drawing details: White pencil sketch on a black paper, made while observing through a telescope. Sketch is north oriented. Scanned and processed in Photoshop.
Observer: Michael Vlasov.

Original drawing:
m3 - original pencil sketch