Messier 26 (Open Cluster) - Sketch

Messier 26 sketch

Location and conditions: Rehovot city, Israel, ~4.9 NELM.
Date: 01/06/2012 , 02:30
Instrument: Skywatcher BKP250 10" F/5 Newtonian, 13mm Vixen LVW, 92X.
Drawing details: Graphite pencil sketch on a white paper, made while observing with telescope under a red light. Sketch is non-inverted and north oriented. Scanned, inverted and processed in Photoshop.  Observer: Michael Vlasov.
Object details: M 26, open cluster, 8 m, distance 5 Kly, constellation Scutum


A small open cluster, with a few dozen of unevenly scattered stars, forming chains and pairs. This cluster can slightly benefit from light pollution, since it makes it stand out more, by hiding the milky way background stars. M26 is believed to have a molecular cloud in front of it, blocking some of the cluster from us.

Original drawing:

m26 sketch -  pencil drawing