The ET Cluster (Owl Cluster, NGC 457) - Sketch

ET cluster - ngc 457 sketch

object details: "ET cluster" ("Owl" cluster) - NGC 457, open cluster
magnitude: 6.4m ;  distance: 8kly ;  constellation: Cassiopea.

Location and conditions: Rehovot City, Israel, ~4.5 NELM.
Instrument: Orion skyview pro 8" F/5 Newtonian. 13mm Vixen LVW eyepiece (77X).
Drawing details: Graphite pencil sketch on a white paper, made while observing with a telescope under red light. Processed in Photoshop. Observer: Michael Vlasov.


A pretty, relatively bright open cluster in Cassiopea. Composed of several dozens of relatively bright stars, and can be easily observed even under light polluted skies. The ET cluster has highly irregular shape, which resembles a flying owl, or "ET" from the "Extra Terrestrial" movie. The bright "eyes" are formed from two red and blue stars.

Original drawing:

ngc 457 ET cluster pencil sketch