The Wild Duck Cluster (Messier 11) - Sketch

wild duck cluster sketch - m11

object details: Messier 11 ; open cluster ; constellation: Aquila ;
magnitude: 5.8m ;  distance: 5kly .

Location and conditions: Hulda forest, Israel. ~5.7 NELM. December 2006
Instrument: Orion skyview pro 8" F/5 Newton. 8mm Televue plossl. 125x (0.41°)
Drawing details: Graphite pencil drawing on a white paper, made while observing with a telescope under red light. Observer: Michael Vlasov.

Despite less then ideal sky conditions (suborbs) - the "Wild duck cluster" appeared in my eyepiece as a magnificent, bright, and extremely rich obect. It has somewhat "square" shape, with evenly scattered stars. There is also a bright foreground star "hovering" above the carpet of faint stars.