Messier 88, 91, NGC 4516 & Irene (Ast) - Sketch

Irene asteroid passes between Messier 88, Messier 91 and NGC 4516

Location and conditions: Negev desert, Israel, ~6.0 NELM (dusty, dark skies).
Date: 08-09/03/2013 , 01:30 (UTC+2)
Instrument:Skywatcher 250mm F/5 Newtonian, 18mm ES82 eyepiece.
Drawing details: Graphite pencil sketch on a white paper, made while observing through an eyepiece, under a red light. North is up. Inverted and Processed in Photoshop.
Observer: Michael Vlasov.

Bright asteroid in the middle: 14 - Irene, magnitude 9, distance ~280,000,000 km

Small galaxy above the asteroid: NGC 4516, magnitude 12.8, spiral galaxy

Galaxy on the left: Messier 91, magnitude 10.1, spiral barred galaxy

Galaxy on the right: Messier 88, magnitude 9.4, spiral galaxy

Original drawing:
Irene asteroid pass