Hickson 68 Group: NGC 5350, 5354, 5353, 5355, 5371

hickson 68 group: ngc 5350 5354 5353 5355 5371

Location and conditions: Negev desert, Israel, ~6.8 NELM.
Date: 04-05/04/2013 , 04:00 (UTC+2)
Instrument:Skywatcher 250mm F/5 Newtonian, 13mm Vixen LVW, type 1 paracorr.
Drawing details: Graphite pencil sketch on a white paper, made while observing through an eyepiece, under a red light. North is up. Inverted and processed in Photoshop.
Observer: Michael Vlasov.

Hickson 68 group on the right (from top to bottom):
NGC 5350: 11.3m, spiral galaxy.
NGC 5355: 13.1m, spiral galaxy.
NGC 5354: 11.4m, spiral galaxy.
NGC 5353: 11.1m, spiral galaxy.
last member wasnt visible (NGC 5358)

Galaxy on the left:
NGC 5371: 10.5m, spiral galaxy

Original drawing:
Irene asteroid pass